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Pupils in the UK are normally expected to complete GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) qualifications before going on to study for A levels.

Universities also often expect applicants to have a good set of GCSE results and may require passes in certain core subjects. Typically, it takes two years to study towards GCSE exams, but at Carfax in some circumstances it is possible to take them after one year.

For those requiring a more rigorous academic programme IGCSE courses are offered in place of standard GCSEs.

The following GCSE courses are available at Carfax Tutorial Establishment:

Individual GCSE course (1 to 2 years)

Group GCSE course (1-year)

Part-time supplementary tuition

Also offered are exam re-takes, giving pupils the opportunity to re-sit GCSE and A level modules here at Carfax.

Easter revision courses are also available.