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Group A level course

(1-year / 2-year)

Designed to equip pupils with the A level qualifications they need to secure places at good UK universities, this course will suit those who are generally well-motivated but who would benefit from closer academic and pastoral support than is available in a typical school environment.

Pupils choose A level subjects for group tuition from this list and can additionally take any subjects through individual tuition:

English Language
Further Mathematics
English Literature
Art and Design
Business Studies


(Other subjects may be available for tutorial-group study, depending on demand.)

The exam-focused curriculum is delivered by experienced tutors in small group sessions, ensuring that each pupil’s needs are taken into account, that they are fully engaged at all times, and that they receive high levels of feedback.

The programme consists of 15 hours of lessons per week, in 'tritorial' groups no bigger than three. Lessons take place from 9am to 4pm on weekdays, with a lunch break from 1-2pm. Supplementary individual tuition is available during the week and on the weekend. Pupils are encouraged to attend at least one supervised preparation session per day. They also do weekly tests, both for practice and to monitor their progress. There are at least five hours of additional supervised study per week. Monthly reports are sent home to parents or guardians, detailing pupils’ progress, attendance, and punctuality.

In addition to their group A level tuition, pupils at Carfax College receive full support with university applications and UCAS procedures as well as careers guidance.

Supplementary tuition

The following options for additional individual tuition are available:

GCSE re-sits

Since universities use GCSE results as part of their selection criteria and expect passes in the core subjects, pupils will sometimes be advised to re-sit certain of their GCSEs. At Carfax pupils can do this alongside their A level studies. Sometimes international pupils who have not completed their general secondary schooling choose to study for a small number of GCSEs at the same time as studying for their A levels. For the more rigorous academic preparation IGCSE can be offered in place of some or all GCSEs.

English Language Supplement

Pupils coming from abroad will often need additional ongoing support to ensure that they maintain and improve their standard of English. Supplementary English lessons also ensure that pupils are properly prepared for the IELTS exam that is taken before entering university. Tuition in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) is conducted on an individual basis, with the number of hours depending on the pupil’s current level of English.

Taking an additional A level subject

Certain universities or courses prefer candidates to take four subjects at A level. Even when this is not the case, a fourth A level will give any candidate a competitive edge. Carfax recommends five hours of tuition per subject per week.

University entrance tests

Some universities, particularly Oxford, Cambridge, medical and veterinary schools as well as American universities, include admissions tests in their entry process. Carfax offers courses of supplementary tuition to prepare pupils for these. SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE.

Holiday Tuition

Holiday tuition is available for those who would benefit from it. Carfax is open throughout the year and offers a range of revision and exam preparation courses during Christmas, Easter and summer holidays as well as during all half-terms.