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Group GCSE course


Specially designed for international students, this course provides a foundation for entry into an A level programme in the following September.

As the core of their course, pupils study for a minimum of four GCSEs. They are also encouraged to study for an extra two GCSEs in additional subjects, which will help them with admissions to sixth form at British public schools.

Improving English is an important aspect of this course. The English as a Second Language (ESL) GCSE, aimed at international students completing general secondary education in the medium of English, is recognized by many sixth form colleges and universities.

Core subjects

English as a Second Language (ESL)
Double Award Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)


Supplementary Science Subjects

Triple Science Award
Information Technology (IT)
Graphic Design


Supplementary Humanities Subjects

English Language & Literature


The exam-focused curriculum is delivered by experienced tutors in small 'tritorial' group sessions (maximum three pupils per group), ensuring that each pupil’s needs are taken into account, that they are fully engaged at all times, and that they receive high levels of feedback.

There is also regular exam practice, and arrangements are made for at least five hours of additional supervised study per week. Monthly reports are sent home to parents or guardians, detailing pupils’ progress, attendance, and punctuality.

Supplementary tuition

Additional individual tuition is available where needed, as follows:

Language Supplement

Pupils coming from abroad will often need additional ongoing EFL support to ensure that they maintain and improve their standard of English. Supplementary English lessons also ensure that pupils are properly prepared for the IELTS exam that is taken before entering university. Tuition in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) is conducted on an individual basis, with the number of hours depending on the pupil’s current level of English.

Additional GCSE Subject

A minimum of four hours of tuition per week for each additional subject is recommended.