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Tritorial programmes

Teaching pupils in small groups, known at Carfax as 'tritorials', combines the advantages of individual tuition with those of the shared classroom experience.

There are never more than three pupils to a tuition group (hence the term 'tritorial'), so each receives a significant level of individual attention. Equally, pupils benefit from interacting with one another during lessons and from the presence of peers against whom they can measure their progress. For many pupils this provides additional motivation and encouragement.

The very small class sizes make it impossible for pupils to hide. Carfax’s highly experienced tutors are able to ensure that all pupils participate fully and engage productively with the learning process. Tutors can also observe a pupil’s performance far more closely than would be possible in a normal school classroom, which allows them to give highly personalized feedback on each pupil’s work.

Group A level course

Group GCSE course

Easter revision (A level, GCSE)