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Adult Learners

Adult learners, whether university students or older, are welcome and are not an unusual sight at Carfax College.

Carfax regularly provides tuition to under- and post-graduates who want extra individual support with their course requirements or before university examinations. The tutors offered to them are often Oxford dons or university lecturers.

Adults occasionally request tuition to help satisfy their intellectual curiosity, often with renowned tutors, or to prepare for GCSE, A level and other formal qualifications that they may be lacking.

With the advent of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offered by world-leading universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, or Edinburgh, increasing numbers of people request supplementary tuition to help them work towards obtaining certificates that these esteemed institutions offer. The ever-popular Open University courses can also be studied in conjunction with face-to-face tutorials.

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