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Holiday Revision Courses

The academic year is split into three terms separated by vacations. The terms and vacations are named after the terms of the University of Oxford, and the pattern is generally similar to that followed by the majority of British public schools. Most group courses and half-term revision programmes are run in accordance with the term dates published below. For one-to-one courses these dates are indicative and can be set individually for each pupil depending on their requirements.

Term Dates 2023 -24

Half-term revision courses are offered every term and the dates for these are given below. If your school's half-term does not coincide with Carfax half-term, an individual revision programme can be arranged.

Contact us to find out more about holiday and half-term revision courses. 

Vacation Dates

Holiday revision courses are offered during all vacations and the dates for these are given below. In the Long Vacation there will be a number of weekly courses starting on Mondays and finishing on Fridays throughout the months of July and August. 

* Requests for tuition during the Christmas vacation, including the period between December 16 and January 4, must be considered on a case by case basis, due to constraints on tutor availability, etc. Please enquire to see what can be offered.

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