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Tuition and boarding fees

Please note that the fees below are only an illustration of the typical annual cost of a full academic year of tuition. Because of the highly personalized nature of the courses which Carfax offers, fees will vary depending on each pupil's requirements and the length of their programme. Sports and other extra-curricular activities are charged in addition to tuition fees. A definitive quote, applicable to your particular situation, can be provided after a discussion with the admissions team.


At Carfax College group tuition is still delivered through genuine tutorials, with no more than three pupils sharing a tutor's attention. The fees below are for one academic year of tritorial group tuition, based on three full terms. These tritorial courses can be combined with individual courses if required, with the appropriate adjustment to fees.


Individual courses offer ultimate flexibility and infinite adaptability to each pupil's needs. The fees below are for an academic year of one-to-one tuition, based on three full terms. However, for individual tuition programmes, course start and end dates as well as term and holiday periods can be agreed to be set for any time in the year and the fees will vary accordingly. Tuition can be provided at different levels of intensity. A detailed quote can be provided based on the level of intensity and number of subjects required. 

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