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Image by Chris Liverani

Carfax pupil attends YMGE

Carfax College Pupil, Mark Rappoport, recently returned from attending a prestigious political conference, hosted by Yale University, in the historical city of Budapest.
Mark is an A-level student who is studying Politics, along with History, History of Art and Sociology. The Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE) brings together students from all over the world to simulate political discussions relating to the future of Europe. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for pre-university students to get together and participate in high level politics. Talking about his experience of the conference, Mark says that it was great to have the chance to interact with students from a wide range of countries and get their views on different political issues. He also felt that he learnt a lot about the structure of European government. Would he like to become a politician some day? Probably not, but he remains very interested in the issues.

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