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Image by Chris Liverani

Cool Modernism at the Ashmolean

Next week, three of our pupils are going to the Ashmolean to see 'America’s Cool Modernism: O’Keeffe to Hopper'.

The show has had incredible reviews, and some of the works have never before been shown in the UK. The exhibition focuses on how the work reflects their painters’ attitudes to the modernity they were experiencing. Perspectives are flattened, and urban landscapes are made strange, painted in block colours and simplified shapes. The artists concentrate on form and colour over detail, in the process revealing the essential parts within the whole.

This was an extremely interesting period of art history, and the exhibition should be very enjoyable. Claire, Leander and Eddie are very excited for what looks to be an outstanding show, and the experience will certainly enrich their art studies. We can’t wait to hear what they thought!

MacDougal Alley, 1924, oil on canvas, Charles Sheeler (

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