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Carfax College Christmas Play 2018

At the end of last term, students and staff worked together to perform a (somewhat raucous, but completely fun) Christmas play. We invited tutors, parents and guardians to join us for the performance and a lunch afterwards, which was thoroughly enjoyed! As always, it was lovely to bring the school together and a perfect way to end the term as we said goodbye to some much-loved students. Special thanks must go to the brains behind the whole operation, Mr. Michael Pockley, for creating beauty out of chaos and ensuring that everything went smoothly.

John the Baptist (Alex) is captured by Herod's soldiers (Ryan and Justin).

The three wise women (Vera, Katy and Victoria) inform King Herod (Alex) of the birth of Jesus.

Mary (Anastasia) and Elizabeth (Diana) discuss their miraculous pregnancies as Zachariah (Nikita) watches on.

A student's sculpture inspired by the play's biblical themes.

The cast come out to take their final bow!

The cast and audience mingled afterwards


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