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UCAS Tips and Advice:

A-level results day takes place15th of August and whether you get the results you expect, are disappointed or exceed your expectations please know that everyone here at Carfax is proud of the hard work and dedication you have given to your studies. By now you should have a plan in place for tomorrow morning. UCAS has a lot of information on their website about the course of action you can take, let that be acceptance, clearing or adjustment which you can find here:

But here is a breakdown of information just in case:

If you have an unconditional offer and achieve the grades you were predicted tomorrow, then there is no need to worry you have secured your place!

If you have received a conditional offer you must be prepared for any outcome – try not to panic!

Firstly, we suggest that you make sure your UCAS is correct and if you are worried that you won’t be getting your required grades you can sign up for direct contact which means that universities can contact you directly based on your grades.

UCAS Track is open from 8 am.

If you have achieved your required grades, then congratulations you will automatically have a place at your firm university.

If you have narrowly missed your required grades and there is no confirmation or rejection shown on UCAS Track then the university is still deliberating and you must call them straight away to try and find out what is going on and potentially persuade them to give you your place.

If UCAS Track shows that you have been unsuccessful in achieving a place at your firm university, then, unfortunately, you have been rejected from your place on the course and that cannot be reversed. But Track will show you if you have confirmed a place at your insurance university.

If you have not been given a place at either your firm or insurance university, you will automatically be assigned clearing number and you should immediately start ringing universities that you would be interested in attending. Clearing moves very quickly so don’t panic and do not agree to a place if you are uncertain or feel under pressure as you cannot change your mind once you have a place.

Adjustment is for those who have exceeded their expected grades and wish to apply for better universities than your firm choice. This option is open from 9 am on the 15th until the 31st.

Please remember that our academic and exams team are here for you to contact over the phone and by email if you should need them and if you decide that resits are the best option for you Carfax and all the staff and tutors will be here to support you.

Phone: 01865 200 676


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