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Elections 2021

Dear Carfax Student

As those of you who have attended the PSHE lessons on Elections will already know, we are having an election to choose a Student Representative.

That Representative will have the role of representing the views of students to Carfax and a role in organising events such as trips and charity fund raisers in Carfax. They will also have a small budget to spend on improvements to the Common Room.

Two students have put themselves forward as candidates in this election: Peter Tomkins and Scarlett Darrington.

Each student has prepared material to explain why they believe you should vote for them. Scarlett has made a written address and Peter has filmed his as a video.

You will find Peter's video by clicking this link:

You will find Scarlett's material below:

Hi, my name is Scarlett Darrington and I have decided to run for student representative. I have been attending the college since the start of the pandemic. I first started with lessons online and then joined in person the following September.

I have been informed that if elected, I will have a role in picking charities to support, educational trips out, fundraising initiatives and also will be in charge of a small budget for improvements to the common room.

If elected my main focus will be on providing a safe and welcoming environment for all students and staff within the premises. I will listen to everyone’s views and visions for improvements around the college.

One of the main charities I would love the college to support would be Action For Children. Action For Children is a charity close to my heart as I was a service user from the age of 6-10. They provided me and my family with support in hard times.

Their mission statement is:

“To protect and support children and young people. We do this by providing practical, emotional care and support. We make sure their voices are heard and we are campaigning to bring lasting improvements their lives.”

The staff would take me on amazing days out, like going to ‘Go Ape’

Ape or watching a movie at the cinema. They provided respite for my mother and a safe and fun environment for me.

Please send your vote to:


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