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Image by Chris Liverani


January 17th, 2021 was International

World Religion Day.

We celebrated this exciting event with a series of activities relating to the diversity of religions. The theme was introduced with an art competition encouraging students to think about religious motifs and places of worship and how they might be depicted in art. Students were encouraged to learn about a religion they may be less familiar with in order to seek inspiration. We had some fabulous entries depicting scenes from Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, paganism and even Harry Potter, which stimulated some interesting debates about what defines religion.

We are fortunate to be based in a city where so many different religions are worshipped, and we had planned to do a tour of some of these iconic religious buildings. Unfortunately, owing to Lockdown 3.0 we had to postpone this event but hope that once restrictions life we will be able to go ahead as planned.

Health Eating

Our topic next term is Healthy Eating, so get your cookbooks out and watch this space ..!

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