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Individual Tuition

Carfax, like Oxford itself, has a long history of providing highly personalized education. Just as the traditional tutorial system sustains the great universities, so too it underpins the one-to-one tuition offered here. Whilst innovations have been made in education and, especially, in technology, there is still no better way to meet a pupil’s specific needs and maximize their chances of success.

At Carfax, individual tuition enables pupils to progress through their course in the way that suits them best. With the undivided attention of their tutor, they can explore each subject in as much depth as they wish. If their abilities allow, they can move faster through a programme without having to wait for the rest of the class. Equally, if they encounter problems with any part of the course, their tutor is on hand to give them all the extra help they need.


This form of tuition permits extraordinary flexibility. While most pupils at Carfax follow the normal pattern of the academic year, course dates can be adjusted to meet pupils’ individual requirements: for example to accommodate commitments in sport or the performing arts. Pupils may begin courses mid-year, if need be, due to a family move from abroad, or an unexpected departure from their previous school. Those wishing to re-take exams after leaving school can also fit their preparation around plans they might have made for their Gap Year.

Teaching pupils in small groups, known at Carfax as 'tritorials', combines the advantages of individual tuition with those of the shared classroom experience.

There are never more than three pupils to a tuition group (hence the term 'tritorial'), so each receives a significant level of individual attention. Equally, pupils benefit from interacting with one another during lessons and from the presence of peers against whom they can measure their progress. For many pupils this provides additional motivation and encouragement.


The very small class sizes make it impossible for pupils to hide. Carfax’s highly experienced tutors are able to ensure that all pupils participate fully and engage productively with the learning process. Tutors can also observe a pupil’s performance far more closely than would be possible in a normal school classroom, which allows them to give highly personalized feedback on each pupil’s work.

Group Tuition

Supplementary Tuition

As a private tutorial college, Carfax offers supplementary individual tuition on a part-time basis for any pupil needing extra help with school or university work, including those who are currently studying at other establishments.


Typically, tuition is available in all subjects and at all levels, for all A level and GCSE exam boards. Undergraduate- and postgraduate-level tuition can also be arranged, often with tutors from the University of Oxford.


This supplementary tuition can be fitted into the normal week, or on weekends, at half-term, or during the holidays. Timetables are flexible. For those unable to have tuition in Oxford, online tutorials are offered. Additionally, face-to-face tution can be provided in other parts of the UK and around the world by Carfax Private Tutors.

Weekend, Half-term, and Holiday Tuition

While all pupils need time to rest and enjoy activities away from the classroom, some have to use the available time to catch up with their studies. At Carfax College they can. The college is open and provides tuition all year round, even on weekends and during holidays, for instance in October and May.


Pupils who are studying here during the week can have extra lessons at the weekend or continue their studies into the holidays if there is a particular need. Equally, pupils studying at other schools and colleges can visit Carfax for short courses over half-term or in the holidays with a view to boosting their academic performance or preparing for upcoming exams. Some visiting pupils attend regularly at weekends from nearby boarding schools.

Online Tuition

Weekend & Holiday
Online Tuition

We are very pleased to be able to offer our service to more students around the world, through the launch of Carfax College Online, an innovative way of delivering our trusted, high quality tuition directly to young people  –  wherever they are and whatever their academic ambitions.


Elite universities in the US and elsewhere now use online interviews as a major factor in admissions decisions and Carfax is at the forefront of using the same technology for academic support. There is nothing as effective as working one-to-one with a professional, qualified tutor. Now, with our new virtual learning platform, we can deliver the same quality, knowledge, and experience as you would receive face to face.







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