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A levels are a ‘gold standard’ qualification, recognized around the world by universities and employers as a mark of academic excellence. Most students take three A levels, and most universities require this, but other numbers between two and five are not uncommon.


Studying for A levels is a demanding process and normally takes two full years of study in a school or college setting. However, this structure does not suit everyone.


For students who need non-standard dates, a higher level of individual support, or who want to take unusual combinations of subjects or optional modules, Carfax College is here to help.

A level exams are currently in the middle of a process of significant change. From 2001 to 2015, exams were ‘modular’ – each subject was divided into four to six sections, and those could be taken or re-taken individually over any length of time. Now, from 2016 through to 2019, all subjects are moving in batches to a ‘linear’ format, whereby all the examinations must be sat in one session at the end of the course.


This change of format reduces flexibility in some aspects of course structure and delivery, and makes it more important to adopt the right approach from the start. It also makes re-takes much more challenging, as students must re-sit every exam, not only those in which they underperformed, and so they need to make sure they are up to speed with the whole syllabus.

Carfax College’s experienced staff are available to guide each student and family through the options available to them.


Whatever the situation, Carfax can offer expert advice and personalized support to help find a suitable path forwards - everything from short revision courses to full-year programmes, which can be designed around any travel or work plans already in place.


  • Excellent, thorough tutors, who bring drive and enthusiasm to their subject

  • A high degree of personalization and flexibility within a structured, well-planned approach to course delivery

  • A pupil-centered approach to learning:

"We do not think that lecturing is a useful way of teaching.

Rather, it is important that each tutorial builds on a pupil’s existing knowledge and makes the pupil an active part of the learning process."

  • Building confidence in exam technique and time management


(typically 1 to 2 years)


Further Mathematics




English Language

English Literature




Business Studies



Government & Politics

Religious Studies



Art and Design

History of Art

Ancient History

Classical Civilisation

French, German,

Spanish, Italian,

Chinese, Russian

and more

Individual A level programmes can be tailored to meet individual pupils’ specific needs very closely. With no fixed start dates and flexible completion times, pupils may begin their studies at any point in the year.


All A level subjects and options are offered, with all the exam boards – AQA, Edexcel/Pearson, OCR, WJEC/Eduqas, and CIE.

(For subjects which require extensive practical work, please contact us in advance to discuss whether we can provide the appropriate facilities.)

Although the A level is normally a two-year course, it is possible for a bright and motivated student to complete a set of A levels over a shorter period via intensive one-to-one tuition. Such courses require an advanced level of English as well as high academic potential. Courses can also be delivered flexibly over a longer period if required.


The exam-focused curriculum is taught in individual sessions by experienced tutors, ensuring that each pupil’s strengths and weaknesses are noted and addressed, that they are fully engaged at all times, and that they receive constant constructive feedback. Even the exam boards are chosen on an individual basis during the course to reflect previous qualifications and different learning styles.

There is also regular exam practice, and arrangements are made for at least five hours of additional supervised study per week. Monthly reports are sent to parents or guardians. In addition to individual one-to-one A level tuition, pupils at Carfax College receive full UCAS support and careers guidance.

(2 years)


Designed to equip pupils with the A level qualifications they need to secure places at good UK universities, this course offers closer academic and pastoral support than is available in a typical school environment.

Courses start in September and observe the College's standard term dates.


The exam-focused curriculum is delivered by experienced tutors in small group sessions, ensuring that each pupil’s needs are taken into account, that they are fully engaged at all times, and that they receive high levels of feedback.


The programme consists of 15 hours of lessons per week, in 'tritorial' groups no bigger than three. Lessons take place from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays, with a lunch break from 1 to 2 pm. Supplementary individual tuition is available if needed. There are regular tests to monitor progress, and full, formal mock exams are set after the Christmas and Easter holidays. There are at least five hours of additional supervised study per week. Monthly reports are sent to parents or guardians.

In addition to their group A level tuition, pupils at Carfax College receive full support with university applications and UCAS procedures as well as careers guidance.

Pupils choose A level subjects

for group tuition from this list:


Further Mathematics




English Literature




Business Studies

Art & Design

Other subjects not listed here may also

be available for tritorial-group study

(depending on demand),

or can be taken additionally

through individual tuition.

Additional options

The following options can be taken through supplementary individual tuition:


For certain courses at certain universities candidates are required to take four subjects at A level. Even when this is not the case, a fourth A level will give any candidate a competitive edge. Furthermore, some subjects are only available through individual tuition and so must be taken additionally if the pupil is on a tritorial-group course.


Some universities, particularly Oxford, Cambridge, medical and veterinary schools, as well as most American universities, include admissions tests in their entry process. Carfax offers courses of supplementary tuition to prepare pupils for these.

Read more.


Holiday tuition is available for those who would benefit from it. The College is open throughout the year and offers a range of revision and exam preparation courses during Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays as well as during all half-terms.


Pupils from overseas will often need ongoing support to ensure that they maintain and improve their standard of English. Supplementary English lessons also ensure that pupils are well prepared for the IELTS exam, which is often required for entry to university. Tuition in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) is conducted on an individual basis.

The number of hours needed depends on the pupil’s current level of English.


Since universities use GCSE results as part of their selection criteria and expect passes in the core subjects, pupils will sometimes be advised to re-sit certain of their GCSEs.

At Carfax, pupils can do this alongside their A level studies. Some international pupils who have not completed their general secondary schooling choose to study for a small number of GCSEs alongside an A level course.

For more rigorous academic preparation, IGCSE can be offered in place of some or all GCSEs.


Group A Level Courses
Individual A level courses
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