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Carfax offers pupils the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of sporting and cultural activities. While the primary focus is on achieving academic results, it is still vitally important to develop interests and skills beyond the classroom.


Besides team games such as football, there is an almost unlimited range of sports available on a more individual basis, from tennis and swimming to sailing and horse-riding. The college will always ensure appropriate supervision and can arrange personal coaching where required. Local gym membership and fitness instruction can be arranged on preferential terms.

Music, art, and drama lessons can all be taken as optional extra activities. Carfax regularly runs debating courses, which help to improve pupils’ confidence, logical reasoning, and public speaking skills.

All pupils are urged to participate in charitable activities. By helping to organize fundraising events, pupils see how they can benefit the wider community while developing their own personal and practical skills.

Beyond the college, Oxford has a lot to offer, and pupils are encouraged to make the most of their time in this fascinating, vibrant, and historic city.


Carfax offers a range of academic, in-term, and holiday courses.


Carfax College is open throughout the year.


Carfax College’s fees vary whether pupils are undertaking group or individual tuition.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

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