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Carfax has a reputation for providing exceptional personalized care that extends far beyond the academic sphere. For pupils to succeed, they need to be able to rely on the right balance and structure in every aspect of their lives. The college works hard to ensure that each individual pupil is kept busy but also, crucially, happy.


This is a small community with a family atmosphere. Pupils are supported closely by the whole team, from their subject tutors to the office staff, and of course their peers. More formal support is provided by a designated Personal Tutor.


Pupils meet with their Personal Tutor once a week. These meetings are used to discuss the pupil’s progress and to address any issues that arise along the way. Pupils can arrange to see their Personal Tutor at any time and are encouraged to raise any concerns they might have. Personal Tutors ensure that a coordinated approach is taken towards maintaining not only the academic performance, but also the general well-being of their pupils.

“Pastoral support for pupils is a particular strength of the school. Pupils enjoy the cordial relationships which exist between staff and pupils and amongst pupils and find the close guidance of their personal tutors particularly reassuring.”


Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, 2012


Most boarding pupils stay with Carfax's local host families. This arrangement is usually recommended for pupils of all ages, since the family environment provides structure and support which helps them to focus on their studies and other commitments. Host families are carefully selected and thoroughly vetted. They generally provide half-board accommodation in pleasant and safe parts of Oxford within a short distance of Carfax.


Some older pupils prefer to take self-catering rooms or flats in central Oxford. This will only be allowed if pupils can demonstrate that their studies will not be adversely affected. Carfax can offer advice and help in making suitable arrangements. Long term pupils are registered with a local GP. If required, medical appointments can be made with leading Oxford and Harley Street private practices.


Long term pupils under the age of eighteen whose parents live overseas must have a guardian who lives in the UK. Parents are responsible for the appointment of guardians. In such cases, parents may like to consider the services of Carfax Educational Guardians.

Pastoral Care
Boarding & Welfare


Carfax offers a range of academic, in-term, and holiday courses.


Carfax College is open throughout the year.


Carfax College’s fees vary whether pupils are undertaking group or individual tuition.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

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