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Carfax College has been delivering online tuition for many years, supporting students across the globe to achieve outstanding academic results. A private college situated in the heart of Oxford, Carfax College specializes in providing the highest quality one-to-one and small group tuition. Our online tutoring provision allows us to match subject experts to students needs and unique learning styles, to deliver private one-to-one education without borders.

Our full time, subject specialist tutors are recruited from top universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and are skilled at building a rapport with their students and focussing their lessons to meet the specific needs of each child. They bring a high level of professionalism and passion to each and every lesson, which ensures pupils engage and interact. Every online student and tutor has the support of Carfax College’s experienced academic and welfare teams. With Carfax College Online there is no compromise on academic excellence.

“3 hours of one-to-one tuition with Carfax feels like

a week at a traditional school, we learn so much!”

Carfax College Online uses an intuitive online system which allows tutors and pupils to share learning resources and work together on a single document in real time via desktop sharing, interactive whiteboards, and live streaming. Online tutoring with Carfax College offers students the opportunity to take one-to-one tuition which simulates a face-to-face encounter, but allows tutors to use state of the art technology to deliver interactive, engaging and innovative lessons.

Pupils and students use our system combined with face-to-face tuition from our many global offices for a variety of academic purposes including studying for entrance examinations, preparing for academic exams (GCSEs, A Level, IB etc.), applying for schools or universities, or even for one-off sessions to prepare for important interviews.

Whether you are looking for subject specific consolidation, extension or full time personalised learning, Carfax College Online can offer you the best education anywhere, at any time to suit your needs.

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