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International students will often need some help with their English. If embarking on an academic course is not possible without first showing improvement in English, the pupil will be advised to begin with an intensive English course.


Carfax offers highly personalized English courses, with tuition targeted at those areas that need the most improvement. If the pupil aims to progress to an academic course, the teaching can be oriented towards the relevant subjects. If an individual course of study is being followed, the balance of the programme can be adjusted as the pupil advances, and lessons in academic subjects can be introduced as soon as the pupil reaches the appropriate level.


Pupils will sometimes benefit from continuing with additional English lessons while taking a full-time academic course. Carfax can assess the level of support that is needed and incorporate the additional lessons in the pupil’s timetable.



IELTS and other English qualifications

Pupils from overseas will generally need to provide proof of their English level when they apply to universities in the UK. For this reason, Carfax prepares pupils specifically for the IELTS qualification, which is accepted as evidence by universities. Courses are also offered to prepare for different Cambridge English exams and other English qualifications, for example TOEFL and PTE.

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