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Our Ethos

The purpose of the College’s existence is to provide tuition and associated services in such a way as to bring the greatest possible benefit to its pupils and maximize the likelihood of them fulfilling their full academic, and personal, potential, within a safe, supportive, and engaging environment.


The college also seeks to foster common sense values of fairness, integrity, politeness and empathy – this is facilitated by the highly varied, and international, demographic of the college (with regard to both pupils and staff). This is undertaken within a context of core British values, particularly those of liberty and academic freedom – being located in the heart of an ancient university city, close to an institution that has embodied these values for centuries, aids provision in this areas. Studying in Oxford allows for an educational context combining a rich and informed understanding of Britain’s history and culture, in a highly international city. All these factors combine to facilitate a wider aim – to ensure pupils are encouraged, and supported, to develop a ‘love of learning’, allowing an exploration of their studies that is not confined purely to ‘success’ in formal assessments and examinations.


The College is organized in a distinctive manner that allows arrangements for each pupil to be highly personalized, in accordance with their individual goals and needs, while maintaining a consistently high quality of service which meets all the College’s broader responsibilities, and without precluding full involvement in the wider, social, pastoral, sporting, and other aspects of full-, or part-time, schooling, that are important to ensure a positive and supportive environment. While this approach requires a higher level of resourcing, and staff time (teaching, pastoral, and administrative), the benefit it brings is a challenging, personalized, and engaging approach to learning and teaching – allowing pupils to make positive progress in their attainment, often in a short period of time.


Pupils are drawn from myriad international and national contexts, with a range of political, spiritual and social backgrounds.  These are encouraged, within the context of classical liberty, with the College making as much accommodation of personal requirements as possible, within the context of an institution that seeks to foster freedom of thought, alongside wider values within the context of Britain's constitutional monarchy, with a strong history of protecting the independence of the individual and peaceful coexistence between those of differing views.


Pupils joining the College will have various aims, including the following:

  • Exam success (in the context of what this means for the individual pupil in question, this could involve passing a subject in which they have always struggled, for another, in may entail securing very high marks indeed);

  • Continuity of excellent education for pupils with extensive demands on their time and schedule (young actors, sportsmen and women, etc.);

  • Entrance to leading schools and universities, best placed to further the future education and interests of the pupil in question;

  • Continuity of education during a transitional period (e.g. family relocation, transition between schools, or from one curriculum to another);

  • Introduction to study at a new level (e.g. Preparatory, Senior School, Sixth Form, or University) or in a new environment (e.g. moving to the UK from a different education system);

  • Study for pleasure or personal interest; and/or

  • Improvement of English language and study skills, to improve pupils’ abilities to fully access a curriculum delivered in English (in a school, or university, setting).


Within these varied contexts, the College retains a consistent focus on delivering a broad, balanced, and deep education, taking full advantage of individual tuition to ensure ongoing assessment informs the delivery of teaching that allows all pupils to enhance their knowledge, skills, and mastery of both subject matter, and applied learning.  

The College seeks to provide an environment in which academic rigour, personal development, sporting prowess, as well as confident and positive engagement with others, can be fostered with an approach developed to meet the individual needs of all pupils within the school.

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