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Oxbridge Preparation

Carfax College specializes in preparing pupils for entry to Oxford and Cambridge, drawing on a pool of teaching staff with extensive experience of studying at (and in many cases teaching for) these Universities.  This allows pupils to work with a tutor who has gone through the application process personally, and who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the universities operate.

Support includes guidance on the application system, advice on the selection of a college, preparation for standardised tests, and extensive practice for interviews.  This approach ensures that Carfax pupils are able to approach their applications with confidence, maximising the likelihood of a successful application.  Carfax supports numerous applicants in applying to both universities every year. 

Some pupils join Carfax for one or two years to prepare their application, while others join for short-study courses alongside studies elsewhere. While most pupils preparing for Oxford and Cambridge entry are applying for undergraduate courses, Carfax College can also prepare candidates applying for post-graduate degrees.

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