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A Level Outcomes 2017

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Boarding & Welfare Inspection 2016

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Reasonable Force Policy 2021
Rules for Juniors
Behaviour Policy
Principles and Practice of Boarding
Access to School Premises 2021-22
Care of unwell Boarders  

Missing Student Policy 2021-22

Safeguarding Policy

E-safety Policy

Image and Video Policy

Pupil Attendance and Absence Policies 2021-22

First Aid Policy 2021

Academic Planning Policy

Accessibility, Equality and Diversity Policy and Plan 2021-22

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Anti-Bullying Policy 2021-22

BTEC Handbook.

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Grievance Procedure for Employees.

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Internal appeals procedure, enquiries about results and appeals

Pupil Assessment Policy

Whistleblowing Policy 2021-22

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Code of Conduct 2021

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Acceptable Use (Staff and Tutors)

Acceptable Use for Students 2021-22

Children in the Workplace

Pupil Information Booklet

Safeguarding Policy Addendum - COVID-19

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Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Carfax College  2020-21

Remote Education Policy

Lockdown Policy 2021-22

Online Safety Policy 2021-22

Safer recruitment Policy 2021-22

School Safeguarding Policy 2021-22

Supervision Unchecked Staff 2021-22  

Promoting Good Behaviour Policy 2021-22 

Educational Visits and Journeys 2021-22


SEND Policy 2021-22

SEN Information Report 2021

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