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University Preparation

Carfax provides a wide range of courses for pupils applying to British and American universities, as well as those seeking entry to world-leading universities elsewhere.

Some pupils spend one-to-two years at the college, preparing for a set of A Levels or other qualifications, as well as course-specific standardised tests (or, in the case of applicants to American universities, Advanced Placement (AP) and SAT), while others join for weekend, evening, or holiday courses.

Carfax also offers a 'Foundation Programme', including (where required) English Language teaching, to prepare international pupils for entry to leading universities. 


Courses are developed to cater to the specific needs of each pupil, depending on the universities he or she is seeking to enter. 

Carfax also runs group courses for pupils from overseas, including visits to universities, and detailed guidance on applications. 

While many Carfax pupils are applying for undergraduate programmes, Carfax also provides short and long-term courses for those applying for post-graduate programmes.

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